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The Burendo Handbook

Welcome to the Burendo Handbook.

The Burendo Handbook is designed to be the voice of the Burendoer and it is created, maintained and written by Burendoers. We want to give the outside world a flavour of what it is like working for Burendo and hearing it straight from Burendoers.

We intend to give an overview of how we look after our people, what matters to us, what it's like working on a client and what it's like when you are not working on a client. Please use the search functionality to help find what you're looking for, or feel free to browse the pages by category on the left.

How does the Handbook fit in?

The Handbook is an important piece of who we are in Burendo and fits in around other tools and resources we have such as the ones below. website

Our website can be found here and details who we are, what we can do for clients and our services we provide. We would encourage you to take a look to learn about our offerings as a company. As our Handbook is focussed on our culture and our values there will be a small amount of crossover as our values are important everywhere however our website is more focussed on our services and offerings as a company compared to the "voice of the Burendoer" view of the Handbook.

Internal Wiki

Our internal wiki is accessible to Burendoers only and focuses on internal policies and quick changing information. It's a tool that will be accessed and used daily within Burendo. There is some crossover with the Handbook; for example, we might talk about things on the Handbook as they are important to us and we want to share them with the world, but then have more detail internally for the day-to-day usage of Burendoers.

Document Store

We also have an internal document store to store all our documentation. We do not use the Handbook for document storage so there is little crossover here.

A working example

We can use our Practices as an example of what information we put in each place:

  • Handbook -> A high level overview of our Practices, what they do and how they contribute positively to Burendo and daily life as a Burendoer.

  • Website -> A note on the Practices and how they fit in with our service offerings and work for/with our clients.

  • Internal Wiki -> Detailed information on the Practices, including who runs them, when they meet, recordings of sessions, who's who and more.

  • Document Store -> Outputs from the Practices, which might be various types of documents.

Is this the staff handbook?

Nope, this is not the staff handbook - the one referred to in your employee contracts. Please use our internal People tool, contact your line manager or the People team for assistance.